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33 expert tips and tricks for iOS 6

Dan Moren and Lex Friedman | Feb. 8, 2013
How well do you really know iOS? Dan Moren and Lex Friedman have assembled a veritable smorgasbord of tips and tricks for Apple's mobile operating system.

You can do this when you create a Shared Photo Stream by tapping the Public Website slider; after you've made a stream, you can find that same option by tapping the blue arrow next to the Shared Photo Stream in the Photos app. An link to the stream will be generated; be aware that it is public, so anyone who has the URL can access it, though it's not something that people are likely to stumble across. You can tap the Share Link button to send the link via email, an iMessage, or a Twitter or Facebook post, or just copy it to the clipboard.

Phones, texts, and such

Customize iMessage auto-replies for rejected calls. Sometimes it's not the right time for a phone call; while you could just let calls you don't want to take go to voicemail, sometimes you want to explain why you're not picking up. iOS 6 lets you quickly respond to a call with a text message. Just swipe upward on the phone icon that appears next to the unlock slider and choose Reply with Message.

By default, you'll get three pre-canned options, along with a button that lets you enter a custom text. However, you can also customize those pre-canned messages under Settings > Phone > Reply with Message.

Create custom ringtones and alert tones in GarageBand. It's true, you can create custom ringtones for your iPhone--on your iPhone. Here's how.

Custom vibrations for text and ringtones. Want to know who's calling you without ever taking your phone out of your pocket? Not only can you assign a custom ringtone or text tone to a contact, you can even give them a custom vibration pattern.

Open Phone or Contacts; select a contact, then tap the Edit button in the top right corner. Scroll down to find the ringtone field; below it is a vibration field. Tap that, and you'll see an assortment of built-in vibration patterns you can choose from. Further down, though, is the ability to add a custom pattern: Tap Create New Vibration, and you can just tap on the screen to create your own rhythm. When you're satisfied (tap the Play button to see what it will feel like), tap Save to set the pattern.

If that's not enough, go back to the contact record and also assign a custom vibration pattern for text messages.

But wait, there's more

Swipeable Map directions. We've all run into problems with iOS 6 Maps taking us places that we weren't sure we wanted to go to. But if you simply get directions for a route by tapping the Quick Route button in Maps, you can't always tell what route Maps has in mind.


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