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33 great tips and tricks for iOS 7

Serenity Caldwell and Dan Moren | April 21, 2014
Whether it's the first time you've picked up an iPad or the seventeenth time you've pulled out your iPhone today, there are probably still some iOS 7 features and functionality that you're not familiar with. Don't sweat it: We're here to help. We've collected some of our favorite and most useful tips and compiled them here, just for you.

Mail call

22. Search all mailboxes: Searching Mail in iOS 6 could be a drag, especially since you could only search the mailbox you were currently viewing. In iOS 7, it's a bit easier: When you enter a search term, pull down on the search results, and you'll reveal a toggle that lets you choose between searching only the current mailbox or all mailboxes.

23. Undo trash/moved/junked messages: We've all done it: accidentally deleted or moved a message we didn't mean to. Yes, you could go all the way out of the account and then into the Trash and move it back to your inbox, but here's a much faster way: Give your iOS device a shake and you should see an Undo dialog box pop up. Tap Undo to put your messages back where they belong.

24. Smarter mailboxes: While we still don't have true, customizable Smart Mailboxes in iOS 7, there are a bunch of handy specialized mailboxes that you can add to your main Mail screen. Just tap Edit and scroll down to see a list of options, including your VIP mailbox, flagged messages, those that have attachments, and even one containing just those messages which have you in the To: or CC fields. Select any to show them (or deselect those ones you want hidden); you can also rearrange them by tapping and dragging them into the order you want. When you're finished, just tap Done at the top of the screen.


25. Check the time: As you go through your conversation in the Messages app, you might spot the occasional timestamp between conversations. But sometimes you want to know exactly when a certain text appeared. Messages offers just this feature in iOS 7 — all you have to do is swipe and hold left on a conversation to expose a set of timestamps for every text you and your friends have sent.

26. Send that text onward or banish it from existence: In prior versions of iOS, you could delete text messages from your phone or forward them on via the Edit button. In iOS 7, that button is gone; instead, to forward or delete a text, you must first tap and hold on it. Tap the More pop-up, and circles appear to the left of your messages, with the current one selected. It's up to you whether you want to delete or forward a single text, or select multiple messages.


27. Send everything with AirDrop: One of the most powerful, if under-appreciated, features of iOS 7 is AirDrop. Most people think of it only as a way to send pictures, but in truth anything that you can text or email you can probably send via AirDrop. For example: Got a bunch of friends meeting at a location? Fire up Maps, search for your location, tap Share, and AirDrop it to everybody present at once. It doesn't require a Wi-Fi network, or even that you know the other person's contact info. Just make sure that the recipients have AirDrop set to Everyone or Contacts Only in Control Center.


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