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4 things you'll love about HTC's One (M8) - and 4 you won't

Al Sacco | April 23, 2014
These days, it seems like every new smartphone is packed with "must-see" new features, often with clever names, meant to set it apart from all the other devices on the market. Those features frequently prove to be less than useful over time. The brand new HTC One (M8) is no different.

You can also use a small paper clip or a tiny safety pin to pop out the memory card, but if you're on the road traveling or just don't happen to have the tool or a similar pin, you're out of luck.

4) HTC One (M8) Dot View Case

One of the accessories HTC plays up in its advertising for the One M8 is the Dot View Case, a rubbery-plastic folding case that snaps onto the back of your One (M8) and then flips closed over the display. The case component that covers the screen is covered with tiny holes; when you close it, the screen lights up and displays the time, weather information and other notifications. You can also answer phone calls or silence rings without opening your device.

The problem...or problems: It's cheap feeling and flimsy, which takes away from the high-quality of the device itself; it's poorly designed, because the case flaps closed whenever you don't fold it over or hold it open, which is very awkward, and notifications are barely visible through the case in bright conditions.

The case is unique, and it certainly grabs your attention the first time you see it. But many phones show notifications and other information on their lock screens anyway, so it doesn't really enable any unique features.

It's also not cheap at $45 or more, especially because it is made of thin plastic. I definitely would not recommend the HTC One (M8) Dot View Case.

I "love" a lot more about the HTC One (M8) than I don't, and I feel comfortable in saying it is one of the best Android devices, and overall smartphones, available today. However, no phone is perfect, and the pros and cons mentioned above should help you make an informed decision if you're considering picking up an HTC One (M8) of your own.


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