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5 reasons you can finally ditch BlackBerry

John Brandon | Aug. 21, 2013
BlackBerry 10 smartphone sales have been disappointing, and last week the company announced that it's essentially up for sale. Bad news aside, five key industry trends suggest that BlackBerry's purported advantages no longer matter.

3. Analysts Bullish About BlackBerry's Future
Business analysts have downplayed the importance of BlackBerry devices for the past few years. Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies, says the prospects look dim. While there are still BES users in every sector, the defections have started.

"They really have nowhere to go," he says. "The core value propositions of security and keyboard input has been negated by the other platforms."

4. Innovative App Developers Eschew BlackBerry
You can still find basic business apps for BlackBerry; some, including Evernote, are even baked into the operating system. There are plenty of consumer apps for BlackBerry 10, too. But few innovative mobile app developers have even bothered with BlackBerry. Companies such as Zensorium, which makes a sensor for the iPhone, and Cue, whose eponymous app reads your email to help you manage your schedule, don't make a BlackBerry app because they know the market share has slipped. For business users, this means falling behind the latest trends.

5. Security Innovations Erode BlackBerry's Advantage
Security isn't just the purview of large enterprise-grade providers such as Good Technology any more. The landscape has changed to include on-device protections such as face recognition (which is admittedly flawed) and complex passcodes.

There are now hundreds of choices when it comes to protecting devices. Apps such as Cobra Tag can help you find a lost phone. You can enable full hardware encryption on an Android device before the OS even boots. Finally, Divide and other apps work well for separating work and personal files on iOS devices.


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