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5 tablet headaches retailers face (and how to cure them)

Doug Drinkwater | Nov. 14, 2013
From payment security to poor connectivity, common challenges can undermine your tablet productivity.

Payment security
Some retailers have taken to using the iPad as a mobile POS system, and while that has worked well in most scenarios, it does also open up the possibility of data theft should any malicious software infect the device. Because of that risk, Erik Vlugt, vice president of product marketing for VeriFone, suggests a different solution to avoid any such issues.

"Passing payment data through a consumer electronics device and over a wireless network creates a number of new concerns," he says. "In general, retailers are best served by separating the secure payment system from the tablet. This helps to achieve a clear delineation between the business logic and the payment logic."

Tracking analytics
Your tablet won't be anything more than eye-candy if it doesn't serve up sufficient new information on how your business operates. For that, you should be looking to deploy a cloud-based tablet solution so that you have a firm grip on everything from sales and inventory to useful back-office data.

Writing in TabTimes recently, Revel CEO Lisa Falzone described how a cloud-based solution is vital for anywhere, anytime access and added that it can represent significant cost savings too: "One of the largest time and cost savings of a cloud-based system is that it negates the need to physically have or access a back-office server since all data is accessible from anywhere with Internet access."


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