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5 things CEOs will love about the iPhone 4S

Tom Kaneshige | Oct. 6, 2011
The iconic Apple iPhone got an internal makeover but not much else this week--no radical redesign, no iPhone 5 name change. Fashion-conscious consumers weren't very happy, but iPhone-toting CEOs should be pleased with the iPhone 4S. They might even cheer Apple for leaving out a flashy upgrade.

Reason 4: An iPhone for the Global Economy

As expected, Apple unified its CDMA and GSM iPhones into a single world phone. This, of course, benefits all globetrotters but especially business executives competing in the emerging global economy.

For instance, one of Tekserve's customers has an executive who carries two iPhones: a CDMA Verizon iPhone for the United States and an unlocked GSM iPhone for overseas. Now he's going to be able to trade in his two iPhone 4s for one iPhone 4S.

Reason 5: Airplay for Business

The iPhone 4S supports Airplay, or wireless mirroring to the iPhone. Consumers will be happy that they'll be able to hook up their iPhone 4S wirelessly to the hockey puck-sized Apple TV and watch movies. For business users, though, Airplay on the iPhone can play a critical role in presentations, says Freimark.

That is, an executive carrying an iPhone and an Apple TV can make a presentation on the fly.

"If you take an Apple TV, which is a little bigger than a deck of cards, that has an HDMI port on it and does Wi-Fi, and you plug it in and connect it to your iPhone 4S, you can do a live presentation anytime you want," Freimark explains. "It's a really impressive thing."



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