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5 ways Microsoft will enable your PC to see, sense, and understand

Mark Hachman | April 23, 2014
Two years ago, Microsoft's Kinect for Windows literally opened the PC's eyes. And now Microsoft researchers are teaching it to see.

Some design shops already use 3D printers today to instantiate models of all sorts of things. Adding cheap and easy logic boards isn't eminently practical for long-term development, but it seems at least as useful as a 3D printer for quick prototyping.

We're just on the cusp of understanding what it means for a PC to see, hear, and understand. So far, we as a culture have been very suspicious about intrusions into our personal lives — even as we've marveled at how creations like digital assistants can make those lives better. And it may be that while we attempt to limit the efforts of wearables like Google Glass to spy on elements of our social lives, we will allow further access to the PC into our homes and offices. What they will do when they open their eyes and look around, however, is still in the lab — for now.


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