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6 marketing strategies for selling older merchandise

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | Oct. 17, 2014
Even with the best supply chain management or inventory tracking software, most businesses, at some point or another, have excess, old or undesirable inventory they want or need to get rid of. While companies can use a liquidator to dispose of unwanted inventory, that method typically only nets pennies on the dollar.

Moreover, "the donation process is easy, secure and flexible," he says. Gifts-in-kind organizations "can accept shipments of supplies ranging from one box to dozens of truckloads, and in many cases, the freight charges to ship a donation to a gifts-in-kind program also are tax deductible."

You can find out more about gifts-in-kind giving and how to participate on the NAEIR site as well as at Good360, a nonprofit international organization specializing in product philanthropy.


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