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7 career tips to help you negotiate better

Kristin Burnham | April 5, 2012
LinkedIn's newest study reveals that Americans are the most anxious workers in the world when it comes to negotiating in the workplace.

3. Close the gap. Don't overestimate the other party's power, Rezvani suggests. Instead, see the person you're negotiating with as a peer. "This can make all the difference in getting the outcomes we want," she says.

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4. No means "Not Yet." "One big mistake people make is to assume that when someone says 'no,' the matter is closed for discussion," Rezvani says. The timing might not have been right, so ask a second time under different circumstances. "If you never hear 'no,' you're probably not asking for enough," she says.

5. If there's no precedent, still negotiate. Rezvani says it's OK to ask for an exception to the rule. Be the first to ask for it, make the case for how it will work and how your boss can build in checkpoints along the way to evaluate how it's going.

6. Do your homework. You can gain an advantage by drafting a plan for what you're proposing, Rezvani says. By highlighting the key details of your proposal, you save the other side time. Adding a signature or approval line, too, strengthens your case, she says.

7. Hold your ground. "While in a negotiation, try drawing out the conversation rather than ending it short or surrendering with, OK,'" she says. "You can experiment with being silent for a few seconds to level the power or you can ask questions that open up dialogue and deepen the conversation."


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