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Agile networks and SDN

Huawei | July 9, 2015
Agile networks will becoming increasingly important as 3rd platform technologies become mainstream. But how does it differ from traditional networks?

Agile networks

What are the differences between traditional networks and the latest leading edge 'agile networks' of the type offered by Chinese IT giant Huawei? There are many.

Agile networks are the way of the future and for a start, they offer much more in their ability to deal with modern day 3rd platform technologies like mobility, cloud computing, big data, social media and the Internet of things (IoT).

Relating to mobility, agile network solutions shift the focus from technology, the device and connectivity, to service and user experience. With the cloud, agile networks shift the user experience from single point management to complete network management. When dealing with Big Data, agile networks shift the focus from best effort to real time quality detection on the network. As to social media, an agile network can shift from a static configuration to a dynamic auto-deployment. With the Internet of Things, agile networks shift the focus from hardware defined to software defined, the relatively new world of IT innovation.

Overall, agile networks introduce the concept of the Service Defined Enterprise which researchers say should be the ultimate goal of all enterprises, to best serve their customers rather than focusing on siloed technology and internal systems and processes.

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