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AMD Catalyst 15.7 drivers add Windows 10 support, CrossFire for FreeSync, more Radeon R200 features

Brad Chacos | July 9, 2015
AMD's polishing up software support for its new Fury X and Radeon R300 series graphics cards with the release of new, WHQL-certified Catalyst 15.7 drivers.

Virtual Super Resolution forces your graphics card to render games at a higher resolution than your monitor natively supports, then downsamples the image to your display's native resolution when it's sent to your monitor. Doing so enables a far wider field of view in games and provides smoother edges on images--functioning kinda-sorta like anti-aliasing. Virtual resolutions up to a full 4K are supported, if your hardware and monitor both support it.

Frame Rate Target Control, on the other hand, appeared in the launch drivers for the Radeon R300 series graphics cards in June. This technology essentially lets you set a hard cap on your frame rates in games, which--as our extensive testing proved--can provide tangible, large benefits for both power and heat use when it's enabled with titles that push a tremendous amount of frame anyway.

The fact that the feature was originally limited to new R300-series cards irked some Radeon faithful, as the GPUs at the heart of the new graphics cards are essentially retooled versions of the graphics processors that also powered the older R200 series. AMD's setting things right now, however, by extending support for FRTC to all Radeon R7 260 and above GPUs--just like with VSR.


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