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Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPad

Chris Holt | April 4, 2012
Developer Rovio has taken the battles between birds and pigs to the expanse of space.

A great deal of the Angry Birds experience has centered on the frustration at not being able to clear a particularly challenging puzzle. Thankfully, the Space Eagles don't make the game too easy--they just provide another tactical choice.

Since your initial play through of the first two chapters will be brief, the replay value of the game is ultimately determined by how much you enjoy earning three stars on each level and finding every "eggsteroid" (Angry Birds Space's version of Golden Eggs). It's a shame that the initial offerings are brief and not as complex as you'd hope, as these birds never really feel like they soar in this new playground Rovio has created for them. Only when you unlock the Danger Zone missions as an in-app purchase do you begin to see the various mechanics begin to really click.

Like all games in the franchise, Angry Birds Space will be expanded upon with additional levels in the coming months. The initial offering feels like a protracted demo or a long tutorial, but it's still worth your time. Angry Birds Space is very much a work in progress--the iPad version in particular seems a little crash-prone at this point, especially on older tablets. But all of the key ingredients are there to hook players for another physics puzzle adventure.


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