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Answering the SOS from Malaysian small businesses: Kaspersky Lab

AvantiKumar | Oct. 8, 2012
Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab releases new version of its Small Office Security solution that can be managed from one PC.

Kaspersky Lab launch modified

PHOTO - (from left) Jimmy Fong, channel sales director, SEA, Kaspersky Lab; Gun Suk Ling, corporate sales director, APAC, Kaspersky Lab; and Jason Siew, technical engineer, SEA, Kaspersky Lab show the Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 solution.


The new second version of Kaspersky Small Office Security (KSOS 2) is in response to the SOS cry from Malaysian small businesses with five more users that may not have a dedicated IT person, said the Russian security solutions firm.

Kaspersky Lab SEA channel sales director Jimmy Fong cited research by B2B International in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, which showed that 41 percent of companies surveyed globally are not prepared for cyber threats and 31 percent of its IT specialists are not fully aware of today's Trojans.

"This study serves as a wake up call for small businesses in Malaysia as the sector makes up more than 98 percent of businesses in Malaysia and in 2011 small businesses contributed about 31 percent to GDP [gross domestic product] and 56 percent to the workforce," said Fong.

"There has been a disconnect in products available for small businesses and the needs, challenges and resources within these companies themselves which makes the introduction of Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 timely," he said.

"For too long small companies have been offered security products scaled down from enterprise level versions which while providing excellent protection often required a trained IT resource person to manage the network. Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 is specifically developed for small companies offering comprehensive protection and advanced features that can be managed from a single PC even by someone with no training, as it is so simple to use," said Fong. "The KSOS 2 solution is priced within range of even the smallest companies and should be well-received," Fong said.

"The updated solution is so simple to configure that it can be set up and administered from a single PC without prior training and provides optimal security for small business computer infrastructure and data, with minimal impact on system resources while being affordable even for companies with tiny IT budgets," he said.

 Protecting local innovation

"As local SMEs innovate, protecting their proprietary data and an intellectual property from being stolen or leaked becomes as important as keeping their network protected from external malware attacks," added Fong. "Keeping data backed up and secured takes on greater importance. Couple this with the death of IT resource personnel, and it becomes clear that SoHos and SME require a solution that is easy to manage without training, is comprehensive and customisable, and gets the job done, making KSOS 2 a perfect choice."

"We are making it easier for small businesses to get Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 by widening our distribution channel through the B2B channel, as small businesses in this region usually purchase based on recommendation and advice from distributors," he said. "The first edition was only offered online, a model that worked well in Europe and the United States, but was not as popular in the Southeast Asian region. With the new distribution model, we expect to see healthy demand for the Kaspersky Small Office Security 2."

"The new version included features such as flexible backup tools, which have been integrated into the product for the first time, help to prevent the leakage of financial data, client information and other valuable records in the event of computer failures and employee errors," said Fong. "Any file that was lost or erroneously modified can be retrieved from the storage with just a couple of mouse clicks."

"It is not just external threats, small businesses also need to be prepared for leakage and loss of information from within," he said. "KSOS 2 includes an effective encryption system: all confidential corporate information can be encrypted using a strong algorithm to provide reliable data protection which can be securely transferred using a USB device or e-mail and can be opened provided the correct password is inserted."

"Kaspersky Small Office Security 2's includes a Password Manager to keep the user's digital identity secure, while a tune-up feature optimises the system's performance," said Fong. "The entire small business network can be managed from a single networked PC. Using the administration console, the security status of any corporate computer can be checked, detected problems can be resolved remotely, the wi-fi can be monitored and recommendations can be received on fixing vulnerabilities. Additionally, product licence management, backup tasks and malware scanning of one or more computers can all be performed without the user having to leave their desk through wizards. This is what we mean by ease of use - no training required."


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