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AP server market grows double digits in Q3 – Gartner

Veronica C. Silva | Dec. 12, 2011
AP is the strongest region with Greater China making up 70 percent of the market.

Server shipment and revenues in the Asia Pacific grew double digits in the third quarter of the year, with the Greater China region making up the bulk of the business.

Gartner said the Asia Pacific region was the "strongest" region for server shipment growth in the third quarter at 23.9 percent while revenue was up 18.5 percent.

The Greater China region, composed of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, made up 69.7 percent of the total market, up two points from the same quarter last year.

Other mature markets also contributed to the  double-digit growth in shipments - Australia, 20 percent; Singapore, 18 percent; and South Korea, 14 percent. In terms of revenues, Australia and Singapore posted six percent growth while South Korea reported a two percent growth.


Among the different types of servers, the x86 platform was the most in-demand in terms of shipment, posting 29 percent in revenue and 25 percent in shipments. Gartner attributed the demand to virtualisation projects and Internet use, particularly in China. Gartner said the region recorded "the fastest year-on-year growth in the x86 server platform during the quarter".

RISC/Itanium Unix servers, however, were in demand among the financial and telecommunications sector, leading to an increase in demand to 11 percent from 10 percent last year.

Blades were also popular during the period in review. Blades recorded a modest eight-percent growth in shipments but revenue-wise, the growth was 14.5 percent. Rack optimised servers also climbed the fastest, said Gartner, with a 32 percent growth in shipment and 22 percent growth in revenue.


HP and IBM were the top vendors to quit last quarter. HP was number one in terms of shipment with 25 percent market share. However, IBM led in revenues with 42 percent market share.

China's Lenovo, which bought IBM's personal computer business in 2004, more than doubled its revenue to US$82 million compared to U$31.2 million the same quarter last year. Revenues grew year-on-year at 162.4 percent while shipment grew 86.5 percent. Gartner attributed this to the company's "aggressive move in China across all major verticals".

Dell also showed promise last quarter as Internet companies bought into its DCS offerings. In terms of revenues, Dell grew 42.7 percent year-on-year and 28.8 percent in shipments.


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