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APJ shows high awareness, interest in driverless cars

Adrian M. Reodique | Dec. 16, 2016
Non-drivers are more interested to use driverless cars as compared to drivers.

There is a high degree of awareness in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) about driverless cars, according to the "Autonomous Driving" survey sponsored by Intel.

The study polled 1,250 car owner-drivers, and non-drivers who use taxi at least once a month from Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

More than half of the respondents (51 percent) said they are willing to buy or use a driverless car, when available. The survey also revealed that non-drivers are more interested to use driverless cars as compared to drivers.

Nearly half of the respondents interested to buy a driverless car (45 percent) said they would be willing to concede a high degree or full autonomy to the car.

Respondents in Taiwan showed the highest degree of awareness on driverless cars (94 percent), as well interest in buying (83 percent).

Respondents cited that the main benefits of using driverless cars are that they are environmentally friendly, allow a less stressful commuting experience, are easier to park, provides a predictable commute time, and that the cars can be summoned.

In contrast, respondents express various aspects of safety concerns such as unavailability of safety standards in place, cars may not recognise and work in a new situation, and the possibility of hacking. Concerns were higher among non-drivers.

Meanwhile, more than 60 percent of the respondents wanted their driverless cars to be intelligent enough to avoid traffic jams, and can charge on its own using solar energy.

"Driverless cars is one of the most interesting manifestations of technology that we will see in the next three to five years as it will positively impact so many segments of the society. In addition to being environment friendly, these driverless cars have the potential to save human lives by decreasing the number of accidents and allow mobility for the elderly and the disabled," said Jerry Tsao, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Group and Managing Director for Regional Sales Group of Intel APJ, in a press release. 


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