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Apple CEO slams laptop/tablet hybrids

Sharon Gaudin | April 27, 2012
When Apple CEO Tim Cook dissed the whole idea of hybrid mobile computers, he may have been showing unease about the rise of laptop/tablet hybrids.

Jack Gold, an analyst with J. Gold Associates, sees potential in the hybrid market -- something that has to be sending up warning flags at Apple, which has found so much success by eating up most of the lucrative tablet market.

"So of course, the Apple CEO would like to set the impression that a convertible is not a threat to the market," Gold added.

However, not everyone thinks Cook is simply trying to throw cold water on hybrids

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, said Cook has a lot of experience in picking hot coming trends and he simply may not appreciate the value-add of a hybrid. "Cook has passionate opinions about what consumers would want and not want and their track record speaks for itself," he said. "I don't believe he is overtly poisoning the well on hybrids, but that could be an unintended consequence.

"According to Tim Cook, if Apple doesn't sell it, consumers don't want it," Moorhead said.

He thinks the hybrids could have a bright future, one that diminishes the iPad.

"Hybrids will take business away from the iPad," he said. "Many consumers who would have purchased an iPad will instead buy a hybrid. They desire the sexiness of the tablet and the common sense of the small notebook, all in the same package."



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