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Apple may have to compensate iPad 3 owners in Brazil

Karen Haslam | Feb. 25, 2013
Apple is being sued for making the iPad 3 obsolete with the launch of the iPad 4

Apple's not having a good time in Brazil right now. It recently lost the exclusive rights to the name iPhone to a company that makes Android phones, and now it is being sued for launching the fourth generation iPad so soon after the third generation 'New iPad'. If Apple loses the suit it may be forced to compensate iPad 3 owners in the country.

Apple is under fire for not implementing all of the technology updates of the fourth generation model in the third generation model, appeared. The Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law Software (IBDI)alleges that Apple's failure to do so "Amounts to planned obsolescence and unfair business practices."

IBDI attorney Sergio Palomares said: "Consumers thought [they were] buying high-end equipment, not knowing [it] was already an obsolete version," is the translation of the report in Brazil's Jornal do Comrciao.

If Apple is found guilty of unfair business practices, the company could be forced to compensate all Brazilian customers who bought the third-generation iPad, writes Apple Insider.

When the iPad 3 launched, the company faced pressure because the device, while advertised as being 4G capable, didn't work on 4G networks around the world, and many countries didn't offer 4G. For example, Apple had to defend its 4G branding in Australia when at the end of March, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took Apple to the Federal Court in Melbourne for allegedly violating the conditions of the Australian Consumer Law.

Eventually, following accusations in the UK and Australia that Apple had been misleading customers about the tablet's capabilities, Apple scrapped the 4G in the description of the product.


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