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Are BYOD employees decommissioning mobile devices properly?

Thor Olavsrud | Dec. 17, 2012
Sales of mobile devices are expected to surge this holiday season. Whether your firm has embraced bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or elected to look the other way that means many of your employees can be expected to upgrade their tablets and smartphones. But what about their old devices? Will they be decommissioned properly?

A Four-Step Process for Decommissioning Mobile Devices

Fiberlink recommends IT departments ask employees to follow a four-step process for decommissioning mobile devices:

Notify the IT department. Once employees receive a new device to use with the company's BYOD program, they should send a note to the IT department to let IT know they plan to swap devices.

Transfer corporate materials to the new device. IT can transfer all corporate materials from the old device to the new device. This can be relatively painless with an MDM solution but can also be done without one.

Extract personal data from the device. Remove and save all personal files from the old device.

Erase all remaining corporate data. Fully decommission the old device. Most devices have an option in the setting menu to perform a factory data reset to wipe all the data completely (if your company uses an MDM platform, it can wipe the data remotely). If your device has a microSD card, manually remove it and use it in your new device or erase the data from it as well.


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