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Be More Proactive in Addressing Security Issues: Check Point Regional Director

Eric Ernest | Jan. 4, 2013
Investing in security has become one of the topmost priorities of enterprises, given the recent increase in cyber-crime incidents. We spoke to Bhaskar Bhaktavatsalu, regional director – India and SAARC, Check Point, about the changing security landscape and how Check Point has been faring in the market.

Nowadays, everyone wants an anti-bot solution. SMBs are not really keen on these, but enterprises have a default need for anti-bot solutions. What according to you is your USP that sets you apart from competition?

Our approach to the market has completely changed in the last two years. What vendors do today is they sell a particular product by telling clients there is a need for it and that they better buy it. This is done without considering whether the product does the required work, or whether it understands the business needs. Does it translate into reality whatever it claims to achieve in the whitepaper and the website? This is the biggest challenge. You buy the product for so many reasons, and you don't even know whether it will perform or not. So, you assume that if your system integrator says that everything is working fine then you are happy--until and unless there is a crash.

When we approach customers, we don't go and talk about products. Instead, we talk about the threat landscape from advanced persistent threats (APT). APTs, unlike viruses, are very difficult to counter. People wouldn't even know that their machines have been infected by a perpetrator who delivers a bot to control them. The perpetrator can then go to another third party and say that he has ten machines infiltrated and a DDOS attack can be launched whenever required. So, in effect, the perpetrator uses the company's laptops and desktops to launch the actual attack.

In the industry, from a network vendor's perspective, Check Point's anti-bot solution was much appreciated by companies, and people are also looking at how we can sell it under a SaaS model. We try to be a consultant/advisor to the client company, understand their needs and their business, then suggest a solution from a consultative angle. We want companies to look to us as an advisor, rather than a technology vendor who is bent on just selling the product. People trust us: Companies have allowed us to be part of their budget process and of their roadmap when it comes to security. Many companies take our inputs on whether they are doing things the right way or on what should be taken care of in the future. This helps us position ourselves rightly. This approach is very unique as far as OEMs are concerned. Also, Check Point's solutions are not cheap, but certainly affordable. 


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