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BlackBerry chief eyes future dominance beyond smartphones

John Davidson (via AFR) | May 17, 2013
The key to BlackBerry's success lies beyond smartphones, says BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins.

For Heins, though, the battle isn't about jockeying for position in the current smartphone market, so much as positioning BlackBerry to take advantage of what he calls the "mobile computing" market of which the smartphone is merely a harbinger.

BlackBerry's definition of mobile computing can be a little hard to pin down, but it includes items such as cars and domestic appliances, all sharing a common, internet-based computing platform. (BlackBerry's new smartphone operating system, BlackBerry 10, is based on an operating system it owns known as QNX, which the company says is already in 60 per cent of all motor vehicles that ship with advanced telematics and entertainment systems. So, insofar as mobile computing is the future of smartphones, and insofar as cars will be a large part of that shift, the company is already well placed for the future.)

"I'm not just looking at the smartphone market. The smartphone to me is a stepping stone towards real mobile computing . . . I'm fully, fully convinced of the mobile computing paradigm," Heins said at BlackBerry's annual conference in Orlando, Florida this week.

"It's going to come five to seven years from now, we will have a totally different world of how we use these devices. This is where I want to dominate."

John Davidson was in Orlando as a guest of BlackBerry.


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