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BLOG: Google...evil?

Stefan Hammond | March 5, 2012
Few tech company-names ever become common English-language terms. No one ever asks you to "Microsoft" a document or "Apple" a video. Yet the verb "to Google" is so commonplace it's lost its initial-cap. As journalists, we often google companies we report on to check their press releases or find biographical information on their executives.

Indeed it is. My response to Google's policy? I went to their site and cancelled my Gmail account. The cancellation process displays a set of boxes and requires you check each service you will no longer be a member of (hint: there's more than YouTube and Picasa). They've lost my business, whatever it was worth.

Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems once apocryphally said: "Privacy is dead--get over it." I respectfully disagree. Aggregating private information is not a policy that should be encouraged, regardless of business climate and slogans like "don't be evil."


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