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BLOG: How Microsoft had a hand in inventing Google's glucose-sensing smart contact lens

Ms Smith (Network World) | Jan. 21, 2014
Google X may have announced its smart contact lens project, but Microsoft Research says it worked on it first.

I'm not faulting Tan, more power to him, just pointing out that Microsoft apparently had a hand in Google's  glucose-sensing contact lens. After all, Microsoft has taken credit for inventing, or its software invisibly running, almost everything. To be fair, Microsoft Research has over 1,100 researchers who work on everything from privacy and security to healthcare.

In fact, Microsoft Research recently adopted an Open Access policy for all research publications.

Microsoft Research is committed to disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible because we recognize the benefits that accrue to scholarly enterprises from such wide dissemination, including more thorough review, consideration and critique, and general increase in scientific, scholarly and critical knowledge.

Like Microsoft, Google has a lot of power and money. However, unlike Microsoft Research, most of the "moonshot" research that goes on inside Google X, "Google's secret lab," is hush-hush . . . at least until the company decides to shock the world with its projects like Google Glass and the Google driverless car.

In the end, if you have diabetes and someone invents something to help you out, then you might not care whether it is Microsoft or Google in your eye.

Source: Network World


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