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Career Watch: IT workers are upbeat about the future

Jamie Eckle | Dec. 6, 2011
Ask a premier 100 IT leader: David Steinour

"Our company/organization has a great future."

All sectors: 75%

IT: 87%

Engineering: 82%

Healthcare: 81%

Finance and accounting: 78%

Pharma/life sciences: 77%

"Our senior management is making the right staffing decisions today to get us where we need to be in the future."

All sectors: 59%

IT: 74%

Engineering: 67%

Finance and accounting: 64%

Healthcare: 60%

Pharma/life sciences: 50%

Source: June 2011 survey of 3,436 adults in the U.S., including 152 IT professionals

Startup freedom vs. corporate stability

What attracts IT workers to startups? Gourmet lunches? Free massages? All the Red Bull you can drink? In a survey of more than 750 tech professionals this summer, 42% of those who said they'd like to work at a startup cited the entrepreneurship of such an operation as the big draw. Meanwhile, 22% cited speed and 19% mentioned freedom. But startups were the employer of choice for less than one-third of those polled. Many more were interested in jobs at stodgy corporations. Of that cohort, 74% said corporate IT would be more stable, 18% said it would be more structured and 8% said it would be less risky.


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