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Career Watch: Noncertified skills pay still has edge over certs

Jamie Eckle | Oct. 9, 2012
Latest report from Foote Partners shows the pay advantage has now been documented for six straight years.

Noncertified Skills Still Have Edge in Pay Premiums

Foote Partners continues to track a disparity in the premiums companies are willing to pay for certified vs. noncertified IT skills. In its latest quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index, Foote reports that in the second quarter, bonuses for noncertified skills were averaging about 8.6% of base salary, while those for certified skills languished at about 6.5%. What is striking is that this is roughly the reverse of the situation in late 2004, and it has now been six years since noncertified skills gained the upper hand.

In his report, chief analyst David Foote goes into great detail about what has driven this change. His analysis, which can't be adequately summarized here, says in part that "more and more employers have chosen to value employees more highly based on their level of experience and demonstrated expertise regardless of whether they have earned available certifications to support what they can do with their skills and expertise." Here's a look at what has happened over the past six months in broadly defined skills areas:



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