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Channel of everything

Brian Karlovsky | March 7, 2014
The channel is no stranger to the overhyped ‘next big thing' and marketing departments delight in coming up with pithy catch-all labels for revolutionary technology. Now we have the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the more expansive Internet of Everything (IoE) as the world's largest networking vendor, Cisco has dubbed it.

"I think it still relatively immature," he said. "It's probably more 2015, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't pay attention to it."

He said the successful implementations would result in the channel's ability to show a return on investment for the customer.

"A lot will actually happen in 2014, but 2015 and beyond is where we will see the exponential growth," he said. "The numbers are mindboggling."

Gartner analyst, Kristian Steenstrup, said privacy concerns could create tremendous amounts of resistance, while the gap between engineering and IT could also slow down the proliferation of IoT.

"How much privacy are you will to give up to allow your vendor to help you shop better?" he said. "The other big question is how to get IT to work with engineering to exploit these opportunities." Frost and Sullivan analyst Audrey William predicted the emergence of a huge ecosystem of partners to deploy IoT.

"Cisco, Apple, Google, IBM, Bosch, GE, Intel, Qualcomm are someofthe companies expected to get more aggressive this year with wearable devices, smart home devices, sensors, wireless systems, sensors, monitoring devices," she said.

"However it is important to understand that IoT does not just apply to one single player. There will be a huge ecosystemofpartners involved in the deploymentofan IoT project. Due to the complexity ofthe IoT, we can expect lotsofpartnerships and alliances with device manufactures, RFID companies, sensor related companies, wireless and M2M providers and telcos. Large global manufacturers such as LG, Samsung are also getting into this space."


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