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Channel training integral to Intel smartphone/tablet growth

Nermin Bajric | May 20, 2013
Vendor admits it is behind in these product sectors and looks to increase activity

Intel is also focusing on partner training.

The first part of this is to allow partners to assess the market and potential customer requirements, and then present the well-timed 'compelling message'.

"We need to train partners on how to pick a tablet and the trade-offs associate to the hardware being used; why one camera works better than another, for example.

This will enable partners to take their customers through a plethora of platforms of products which can be used based on the workloads they have.

Another core training element is to provide partners with data on total cost of ownership.

"When you look at the bigger issue with systems that are three to five years old, one of the key things companies look at are TCO, and when they're likely to have failure rates, especially on machines on which they no longer have warranties," Dallman said. "When you look at how the costs have come down on these machines and what the cost of warranty is, it becomes a good bet companies will rather upgrade than pay for renewed warranty."

Dallman said all of Intel's new products are coming in the second half of the year right in front of the move, and the bulk of training will come alongside that, but did not reveal further details.

He claims that the new single core products are performing well across the board bar one or two benchmarks in which competitors' dual-core devices are showing greater results. He added that when it comes to Intel's dual- or quad-core products, the Intel product offers superior performance.


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