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CIOs and CMOs must work together to satisfy customers

Tom Kaneshige | Jan. 20, 2014
According to a new Forrester Research report, this is the 'age of the customer' and there's no time or room for turf wars, competing agendas and distrust between technology and marketing departments.

IT can be the data miners that dig through the various data silos — CRM, ERP, Web content systems, to name a few — and find the nuggets that business units covet. By doing so, business units will quickly learn to appreciate what IT can do for them, and IT can become a true partner to the business side.

  • Lastly, Forrester suggests IT look at ways to overcome its biggest weakness in the eyes of the business side: slow response. There's a reason business units bypass IT; in an ultra-competitive digital-mobile-social environment where fickle customers are armed with instant information, companies are racing to get to them first. It's critical to be nimble in a fast-moving digital world, and IT traditionally hasn't been able to keep up.
  • If CIOs need to add to their agenda to include business technology, while still maintaining internal operations, IT could be overwhelmed and even slower to respond to business needs. That's why Forrester suggest CIOs improve the speed of digital marketing by selectively outsourcing.

    "In the age of the customer, there's no room for intracompany turf wars, competing agendas and distrust among those who should be allies, especially in the symbiotic roles across technology management and the business," the Forrester report says.


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