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Coming soon from BlackBerry: 5 things to look forward to

Al Sacco | Feb. 10, 2012
These are dark days for Research In Motion (RIM) and its BlackBerry brand...or at least dim ones.

Additional features include "native" PlayBook personal information management (PIM) apps so users can access their e-mail, contacts, calendar and more without using RIM's BlackBerry Bridge software; improved and updated document editing functionality; a new "Print to Go" app that lets you wirelessly connect to compatible nearby printers; and an "open on" feature that lets you quickly open up files and other content stored on your smartphone or your PlayBook tablet.

RIM's BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 software also lets you employ your BlackBerry smartphone to control a PlayBook tablet and use your handheld's keyboard to type messages and text.

3) New BlackBerry 7 Curve Devices

BlackBerry users may not see any new BlackBerry 10 devices until later this year, or maybe even early next year, but that doesn't mean RIM won't be releasing any new handhelds. RIM should soon announce and release two new, low-end, entry-level smartphones: the Curves 9220 and 9320.

Neither the Curve 9220 nor the Curve 9320 will likely turn many heads--they look almost exactly like the current line of Curve smartphones--but they're both solid upgrades to an already popular product line. And they're aimed at new smartphone users who may not want or need the latest and greatest devices with cutting edge features.

More specifically, the Curve 9220, codenamed "Davis," and Curve 9320, dubbed "Armstrong", both have the same display resolutions (320x240) as the earlier Curve 9300, 8520 and 83xx families of devices, according to reports. But they will both allegedly also run the BlackBerry 7 OS; the 9320 supports HSPA+ data transfer while the 9220 is EDGE only; they pack digital cameras with flash(3.2 megapixels for the 9320 and 2 megapixels for the 9220); and they both have Bluetooth and FM radio support--the 9320 also has GPS.

RIM also seems ready to continue to release additional BlackBerry 7 devices in white. The company already released a number of white Torch, Bold and Curve handhelds, and more models should be available soon, such as the Bold 9790 and Curve 9380. (I know some BlackBerry users who love white devices, but personally, I think there's just something wrong with white BlackBerrys.)

4) Additional Details on BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

RIM has released very few official details regarding the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, formerly referred to as BBX, except for the fact that it will be built on a foundation from QNX Systems, just like the PlayBook software, and as such, it will likely be quite similar to the RIM's tablet OS.

BlackBerry 10 will feature an Android Player similar to the one found in the PlayBook OS. And the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone should arrive in late 2012, according to RIM. (Check out this concept image of a BlackBerry 10 prototype device for an idea of what the first BlackBerry 10 handheld might look like.)


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