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Control Parrot's new pint-sized drone from your phone

Caitlin McGarry | Jan. 7, 2014
The MiniDrone is Parrot's latest quadricopter concept to take to the skies.

Amazon has big plans for delivery drones, but drones aren't just for commercial and military use: You can buy a drone of your very own from Parrot.

The company's new MiniDrone, first seen at here at CES 2014, won't airlift packages to your neighbors, but it will careen around your house and entertain (or terrify) anyone it bumps into.

Parrot's MiniDrone differs from the company's popular full-sized quadricopter in stature—the mini is definitely mini—but also in mobility. Parrot added detachable wheels to the new toy so it can scale walls and roll across your ceiling. Those wheels, plus the new toy's sensors and autopilot setting, make the MiniDrone the easiest of Parrot's quadricopters to control.

You use your smartphone or tablet to steer the Bluetooth-enabled drone from your screen, like Parrot's original drone. You can still snap up full-sized drones for $300 while Parrot continues to work on the MiniDrone, which has no price or release date yet.


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