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Corsair adds RGB lighting, new logo to 2015's headset and mouse lineup

Hayden Dingman | Aug. 6, 2015
It's official: The old Corsair Gaming swords logo is dead, replaced with the newer, sleeker version of the Sails logo. You'll see it emblazoned across all of Corsair's new peripherals, which it unveiled at Gamescom this week in Germany.


Also on the docket is a new MMO mouse for Corsair. Yes, an MMO mouse in 2015. Corsair's bucking the trend of "fewer mouse buttons" to bring back the ol' telephone-pad side, same as Razer's recent Naga refresh.

And Corsair is kicking Razer's ass with the Scimitar. I'm not a fan of the MMO-style mouse--I don't really need twelve buttons under my thumb--but Corsair's done its best to bring the design into 2015.

The key feature? A numberpad that slides back and forth about a centimeter in either direction, allowing you to get it in the most comfortable position for your thumb before locking it in place. It's a huge improvement that makes the Scimitar way more comfortable than any other MMO mouse I've used, if only because I don't need to stretch my thumb to hit the last row of buttons.

Other than that, it's a standard palm-grip MMO mouse with a sensor that goes up to 12,500dpi in software, and multi-zone RGB lighting.

Speaking of which...


Corsair's also overhauled its Corsair Utility Engine software. Thankfully.

First and foremost, the new Void headsets work with the same software as the keyboards and mouse, so no need to run two bits of Corsair software on your computer at the same time. Phew.

Corsair's also simplified setting up lighting. All of the advanced features are there, but you can also just pick a preset pattern or easily start adjusting key colors--similar to the functionality both Logitech and Razer launched with last year.

And as a bonus, you can now link all three of your Corsair devices if you've got them (mouse, headset, and keyboard) and have the same pattern play out across all three simultaneously. It looks fancy, though it of course requires you to be all-in on the Corsair ecosystem.

We'll have more official reviews once all these peripherals come in for review, but things are looking a damn sight better for Corsair this year than last year. Plus, that new logo. It's so much better.


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