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Corsair H2100 review: Go wireless for cheap

Hayden Dingman | Jan. 19, 2015
Like the H1500, I'm going to gloss right over the controversy regarding Corsair's new logo. As far as I can tell everyone is either ambivalent to the new logo or absolutely loathes it, but either way it's not going to factor into the rating here.

The 7.1 Surround Sound isn't a huge selling point, even though Corsair is leaning on it heavily. Sometimes the added directionality is noticeable, but most of the time it sounds like a hollowed out stereo headset. In other words, it's headset surround sound — nothing more, nothing less, and definitely nothing revolutionary.

The microphone has a weird tape hiss sound in the background, but is otherwise pretty good at voice reproduction. The fact that you can flip up the boom mic to mute is ultra-convenient, and I don't know why Corsair didn't just include it on the H1500.

Wireless fidelity holds up to around 30 feet, though I started to notice some crackle around 20 feet. Walls obviously cut that range down considerably, with a single wall of my San Francisco apartment slicing the range down to 10-15 feet. Corsair also includes a 4-5 foot antenna you can plug into a USB slot and stretch away from your computer for a bit of extra range.

The battery lasts about ten hours, after which you're stuck wired into a USB port until the headset charges. Since the wireless dongle also takes up a USB slot, that's a total of two slots needed to use the H2100.

Bottom line

The H2100 isn't a fantastic wireless headset, but it is a cheap wireless headset. With other companies charging an exorbitant amount to go wire-free, I expect all my talk of sound quality and design and the like won't matter a bit if you're set on cutting the cord for a reasonable price. Corsair's one of the few offering a wireless option at this price, and you can see why — corners were obviously cut, especially in regards to the design.

But again, it's only $100. For a wireless headset. It's doubtful you'll find a better deal elsewhere.


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