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Corsair's Bulldog PC kit will bring next-gen Skylake CPU to the living room

Hayden Dingman | June 2, 2015
Corsair's Bulldog supports Intel's next-gen Skylake CPU, and it's dead silent thanks to a liquid-cooled CPU and GPU.

Or you could buy the $400 chassis, motherboard, CPU cooler, and power supply and just toss in some low-end parts to make a media box. That's fine too, because $400 for the parts is a pretty nice bargain.

As for how it looks? Well, that's a matter of taste. I can envision some people being turned off by the reddish-orange highlights on the machine, but I like the look overall. It's certainly more interesting than "another black box," and I love the prolific ventilation.

Take control

Alongside Bulldog, Corsair revealed "Lapdog." Get it? Get it?

Lapdog is Corsair's new mouse/keyboard "control center," a.k.a. something that's a bit more high-end than stashing a crappy wireless keyboard and mouse behind your couch. In point of fact, it's extremely similar to the Roccat prototype I saw at E3 last year that...never released. For some reason.

Basically, Lapdog fuses a mouse and keyboard into one large device that sits on your lap, aided by a big cushion on the bottom. The prototype I saw had a tenkeyless board embedded, but Corsair says a full K70 version is planned for launch.

The only similar product I know of on the market is Razer's Turret, although the mouse area on that is much smaller and it doesn't feature mechanical keys.

On the other hand, Turret is wireless and runs on batteries. Lapdog requires you to string two USB cables across your living room. Corsair says it debated a wireless version, but ultimately felt gamers prefer wired peripherals (true, although maybe not in the living room) and this allows for three powered USB slots on the side (a nice touch if you're using a headset).

You'll be able to purchase just the Lapdog casing this fall for $90 or buy it with a keyboard already embedded for $200. Bulldog is also slated for a fall launch, which means it'll be just in time for the Steam Machine onslaught.

The living room war is starting to heat up. Even for PCs, apparently.


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