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Dell's buying frenzy might not be over yet

Jon Gold | April 12, 2012
While Dell's recent string of new acquisitions probably won't continue at the same breakneck pace that has been seen over the past several weeks, experts agree that the company is in the midst of a major strategic shift.

According to Brasen, the competition may even have further structural problems that Dell could capitalize on.

"For several years, we heard lots of talk about these uber-solutions that IBM and HP were creating - one unified management platform to support everything - [but] the problem with that is that most enterprises don't need most of that stuff," he asserts.

"The best approach is a modular approach, where [users] can acquire just those packages that they need, but that are integrated together so that they utilize the same consoles for management; the same agents on the endpoints," according to Brasen.

That said, however, both experts contend that much will hinge on how Dell positions itself in the marketplace and how the company sells its products to a consumer base that might not view it as a market leader yet.

While the fine details may be unclear, it seems certain that Dell's aggressive retooling, backed by heavy activity in the acquisitions market, is likely to continue. HP and IBM may need to bring more innovations of their own to the table in order to stay in front.


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