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Digital Malaysia on target

AvantiKumar | Oct. 1, 2012
The recently announced national initiative to achieve a developed digital economy by 2020 now has eight projects in various stages of implementation, says MOSTI minister.

"The setting up of the e-payment services enablement, for example, aims to get 40,000 merchants particularly SMEs, on board by the end of 2013. This will enable them to capitalise on the more than 30 million debit card and credit card users in the country," he added.

"The customised online education project on the other hand, has attracted 502 users and 12 content providers in its initial BETA roll out. With the final version ready soon, we hope to see more content providers coming on board. Furthermore, we sincerely believe that more people should also be made aware of the availability of such online courses and programmes," said Badlisham.

Digital Malaysia is the nation's programme to advance the country towards a developed digital economy by 2020 by creating an ecosystem that promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the society, government and economy. Founded on three strategic thrusts of moving from Supply to Demand focused; from Consumption to Production Centric; and from Low Knowledge-Add to High Knowledge-Add; the move from the programme aims to improve ICT contribution to the nation's Gross National Income to RM294 billion (US$92.96 billion) or 17 percent, an increase from the current 9.8 percent; create 160,000 high value jobs and an additional RM7,000 (US$2,213) digital income per annum for more than 350,000 citizens by the year 2020.

To this effect, 25 Digital Malaysia projects will be implemented in stages. The first wave of eight projects was rolled out in July this year, with the remaining 17 projects to be announced in stages from next year.

Appendix: the 8 Entry Point Projects

Details of the eight EPPs (Entry Point Projects) are as follows:

EPP 1: e-Commerce

Project 1: Asian e-Fulfillment Hub

The project aims to make Malaysia the centre of e-commerce related logistics services for Asia by leveraging on the power of the Internet for the assembly, packaging, shipping and tracking of products across the region. MIDA is the public sector lead for this project. To date, logistics talent has been identified, trained and certified. In addition, the operations of the logistics hub have also been established in Tampoi, Johor.

EPP 2 : Enterprise Enablement 

Project 1: Enabling e-Payment Services for SMEs and Micro Enterprises

The project with SME Corp as the public sector lead, aims to encourage more Malaysian businesses particularly SMEs and Micro enterprises to offer e-payment services at their respective outlets. This will be done by creating more merchant outlet points enabled by electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminal, smartphone reader and online e-payment. To facilitate this, a Third Party Acquirer (TPA) Selection Committee has been created to appoint a qualified panel of TPAs who will serve as private sector champions of the project.


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