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DIY tech

Stefan Hammond | March 28, 2014
In the past, a technically apt user might decide to build their own customized PC. They'd buy components that suited their usage patterns--motherboard, case, graphics card etc--and put it all together. Some would tweak a Linux distro for maximum customization. Of course this continues today, but when PCs were pricey and less powerful, the desire to maximize compute power for the desktop was stronger.

What's important is to present the opportunity. People intrigued by large complex systems should be given every chance to develop their skills as a vocation. This isn't the job of either the public sector or the private sector, but both sectors. Schools should take kids into facilities like datacenters on field trips. Companies needing workers of this type should offer professional training for interested parties.

The time to start is now. We must nurture those who see tech as more than just "fun-things-on-the-phone." We must encourage the DIY spirit in Hong Kong.


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