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Easy-to-guess passwords still in common use: Trustwave

Patrick Budmar | Feb. 13, 2013
Security vendor finds people are still using simple passwords such as “password1” online.

Mobile menace

When it came to mobile malware, Trustwave's report found that there was a 400 per cent increase last year, in particularly on Android.

Bown attributes this number to being "about economics."

"The attackers do this stuff for a reason, whether it is financially motivated or for an ideological reason," he said.

On a finance front, as long as they are making money out of this, the cyber criminals will come up with methods to compromise things.

"While there may be controls in place to prevent malware, so long as those are making money out of this, and they are, they'll continue to do it and look for new ways," Bown said.

So far, most of the malware Trustwave has seen on Android is SMS stealing or sending malware.

"They put an app up that looks legitimate and they will get people to download it," Bown said.

"In the background the app will send SMS' to premium rate numbers operated by the person who did the app."

While Bown admits these types of activities are "not especially advanced," he adds that the safeguards in place are "fairly rudimentary."

"In the last 18 months, Google Play has had some controls that attempted to detect malware within applications uploaded to the marketplace, but there are a large number of third party marketplaces within the Android ecosystem," he said.

Bown adds that it is mainly in the third party app stores where malware is being found.


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