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Eclipse TD-M1 review: These US$1300 wireless speakers excel as near-field monitors

Michael Brown | Nov. 19, 2014
There's a lot to like here, but the TD-M1 needs a more powerful amp and better bass repsonse to fully justify its lofty price tag.

The TD-M1 gets plenty loud when you're sitting up close to the speakers, on the other hand, which makes for a mind-blowing near-field monitoring experience. And its stereo-imaging power is absolutely amazing--it's almost like listening through headphones. But I'd like it even more if it delivered just a bit more at the low end. If I were an engineer relying on this system to mix tracks, I'd probably end up over-emphasizing the bass and producing muddy recordings.

Worth buying?
At $1300, Fujitsu's TD-M1 is a very expensive speaker system. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I don't mind spending a good chunk of change for high-quality audio gear. A lot of new ideas, smart engineering, and high-end components went into this system, but in the final analysis, I just don't see (or hear) $1300's worth of performance in it.


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