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Extensive video of the HTC M8 leaks, HTC gets real mad

Jon Gold | March 7, 2014
Plus, the tidal wave of Flappy Bird clones plaguing the Play Store, news about LG’s own-brand flagship, and persistent rumors of a metal Galaxy S 5 variant.

Seriously, just make it stop. Either that, or somebody please make a version using the art assets from Angry Birds, so that they can get sued so hard by Rovio that a quantum singularity of lazy rip-off artists appears and sucks all the Flappy Bird clones into the next dimension.


The biggest splash that LG has made in the Android market lately has been as the manufacturer of Google's Nexus 5 and as a competitor in the fascinating and stupid world of curved-screen smartphones.

That may be about to change, however, as BGR reports that the LG G3 is headed for a summer launch date, with the idea of letting the Galaxy S 5 hype die down a little.

According to the report, the G3 will have an impressive 13MP camera that also incorporates optical image stabilization, based on a forum posting that purported to show a photo taken with said camera.


Ever since the iPhone 5 launched in 2012, metal-bodied smartphones have carried a certain cachet. One of the factors that fans of the HTC One cite when comparing it to its rival Galaxy S 4 is the aluminum construction, and there's a long-standing school of thought that says Samsung's plastic designs make its phones seem cheap.

Almost as long-standing as that school of thought are the rumors that Samsung is going to break its habits and release a metal Android phone the latest is a report from GSM Arena that says the Samsung Galaxy F could be being readied for release, citing South Korean news outlets. Little else is known about the purported Galaxy F, but GSM Arena does pass along the tidbit that it could boast a 2560x1600 display. Yikes.


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