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Fight! Custom Radeon Fury, GTX 980 graphics cards brawl for PC gaming supremacy

Brad Chacos | Aug. 3, 2015
Why didn't you test the powerful Asus Strix Fury against a custom-designed GeForce GTX 980 graphics card?

This really boils down to the intangibles: Do you prefer the Strix Fury's higher frame rates and superb two-card performance scaling, or the superior power efficiency and smaller build of the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 FTW, paired with Nvidia's constant barrage of Game Ready drivers?

That's a call you'll have to make.

But if you're having trouble making a decision, today's market realities may just make the decision for you. There are only a trio of Radeon Fury models currently available, and their limited stock ensure that each sells for top dollar when they do appear. On the other hand, custom GTX 980 variants are available far and wide, from a deep range of aftermarket board vendors. That competition has led to a fierce battle among vendors of Nvidia GPUs. At the time of writing, the supposedly $580 EVGA GTX 980 FTW could be found for $530 on Amazon, or $499 after rebate on Newegg. That's the MSRP for Nvidia's reference GTX 980.

With all things being so similar, EVGA's $500 bird in the hand today trumps AMD's $580 bird in the bush. But either board you pick will certainly have you singing sweetly, especially at 1440p resolution.


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