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First impressions of Apple's new MacBook Air

Michael deAgonia | June 24, 2013
Yes, the battery life really is better, but if you're a hard-core user, 12 hours isn't likely.

The second day I saw just under six hours of battery life (five hours and fifty-eight minutes, to be exact). The difference? On Day 2, I had moved the files from my external drive to the Air, so I did not connect the external drive.

Reminder: With some obvious-but-careful power management (turning down the brightness of the screen, disabling Wi-Fi and not plugging in external devices), you can get closer to Apple's claimed battery life, which is pretty impressive. I'll more on this in my full review.

Granted, the times I clocked aren't exactly the 12 hours Apple promises from this computer. But then again, this test was stacked to maximize strenuous real-world scenarios. I can say that this laptop lasted longer than any other Apple laptop I've used under the same or similar circumstances.

It's only been a few days, but I can already see how this device is perfect for those who value portability over ports. I'll have much more on the Air after I've had some serious time with it, but I'm already quite impressed by this little machine.


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