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Flight MH370 includes 12 Malaysian Freescale staff, and KL-based IBM executive

AvantiKumar | March 10, 2014
(UPDATED: 27 May 2014) DCA and Inmarsat release 'raw data' public; relatives of passengers list questions.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Jauhari (reuters) modified 

Malaysia Airlines Group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (Photo: Reuters)

- Last Voice Recorded: The last recording on 8 March 2014 with Malaysia air traffic control (ATC) - ["All right. Good night."} -  is being examined and believed to be the voice of the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. The Acars was probably disabled prior to this last voice recording (01.19am) but we do not know exactly when it was switched off but it would be anytime between 01.07 am and the next 30 minutes, said Malaysia Airlines' Jauhari.

The SAR director and Malaysia's civil aviation chief Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman confirmed that 01.19 was the last transmission from the cockpit (the voice handover).

- Passengers with aviation experience?: The passenger manifest has been passed to the police to do background checks in cooperation with foreign agencies, said Hishamuddin. The passenger manifest was originally cleared by Chinese authorities but Chinese intelligence has been asked to relook the manifest.

"We have to think of what the families are going through, which is why we have to be careful of what is reported," added Hishamuddin.

Day 11: Search continues

[1029 am local MYT, 18 March 2014]

According to Reuters, it is unlikely that the missing Malaysia Arlines MH370 could have been diverted along a northern route via Thailand.

Reuters said Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Committee released a statement signed by the committee's deputy head Serik Mukhtybayev: "Even hypothetically thinking, before reaching Kazakhstan's territory this plane would have had to fly over other countries along its route, where the flight zone is also closely monitored, so we would have received information from these countries."

"Even if all on-board equipment is switched off, it is impossible to fly through in a silent mode. There are also military bodies monitoring the country's air space," the statement continued.

Malaysia Airlines had nine regular flights to and from Europe over Kazakhstan's territory on March 8, Mukhtybayev said.

Kazakhstan’s neighbouring country, Kyrgyzstan's main civilian airport Manas near the capital Bishkek said that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished with 239 people aboard, did not fly over Kyrgyzstan's territory.

The plane would have been detected by two military air bases - a U.S. and a Russian one - deployed in the country, it said.

Earlier, India rejected suggestions that it could have been the intended target of a 9/11-style attack by the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. The Times of India said security sources had "rubbished" the idea that the plane could have got anywhere close to an urban centre and insisted it would have been detected by a naval base on the Andaman islands, more than 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) off the Indian mainland.


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