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Flight MH370 includes 12 Malaysian Freescale staff, and KL-based IBM executive

AvantiKumar | March 10, 2014
(UPDATED: 27 May 2014) DCA and Inmarsat release 'raw data' public; relatives of passengers list questions.

g. As of 2:30pm Malaysia time, Australian officials have informed us that they have not made any new sightings regarding MH370.

h. One Indian Navy P8 Poseidon and one Indian Air Force C130 left Subang airport today to join the search and rescue operation in the northern part of the southern corridor, which is being led by Indonesia.

i. A number of other sorties from Subang airport to the southern corridor were cancelled today due to bad weather caused by tropical cyclone Gillian.

j. Australia, China and France have now released satellite images that show potential objects, which may be related to MH370, in the vicinity of the southern corridor. All this information has been forwarded to Australia, as the lead country in the area of concern.

2. Family briefing

a. The Malaysian high level team started a briefing in Beijing this morning for relatives of those on board MH370. The meeting lasted more than 6 hours. This is the third such meeting that has been held. The team presented information to the relatives and answered questions. The Government wishes to reiterate its commitment and continued engagement with the relatives of those on board MH37

3. Update on ACARS transmission

a. The last ACARS transmission, sent at 1.07am, showed nothing unusual. The 1.07am transmission showed a normal routing all the way to Beijing.


Day 17: Update: Two objects should be retrieved in next few hours

[0537 pm MYT, 24 March 2014]

At the Putra World Trade Centre [PWTC], Kuala Lumpur: Minister Hishamuddin delivered the following update, which included:

The search mission based in Australia has sighted two objects - one circular and one rectangular - in the search area. A ship maybe able to retrieve the objects by Tuesday, he said.

- Police investigation: More than a 100 people - including families of crew and ground support - have been interviewed.

- The team is considering releasing the full transcipt of the last hour before MH370 went offline, he said.

During the Q&A session, Hishamuddin said many lessons can be learned by all authorities including the aviation industry once the search mission has ended.

Parallel investigations are being conducted so Hishamuddin said the team will not speculate.

At about the same time, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority [AMSA] has more on the latest sighting of potential debris by an Australian plane

"HMAS Success is on scene and is attempting to locate the objects in the search for missing Malaysia Aircraft flight MH370.

The objects were spotted in the search area about 2500 kilometres south-west of Perth by the RAAF Orion about 2.45pm (AEDT).

The crew on board the Orion reported seeing two objects – the first a grey or green circular object and the second an orange rectangular object.

The objects identified by the RAAF Orion are separate to the objects reported by the Chinese Ilyushin IL- 76 to AMSA earlier today.

The objects reported by the Chinese were also within today’s search area.

The US Navy P8 Poseidon aircraft sought to relocate the objects reported by the Chinese aircraft but were unable to do so.

The US Navy P8 is remains in the search area, while a second RAAF P3 and a Japanese P3 are en route to their assigned search areas."

A third official update today is that the Malaysian prime minister Najib (@NajibRajak) has "Just received a call from Australian prime minister (@tonyabbott) that the 2 objects were located &will be retrieved in the next few hours."

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib delivers new update based on new analysis

[10.00 pm MYT, 24 March 2014]

At the Putra World Trade Centre [PWTC], Kuala Lumpur: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak delivered a new statement starting 0945 pm Malaysia time.


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