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Flight MH370 includes 12 Malaysian Freescale staff, and KL-based IBM executive

AvantiKumar | March 10, 2014
(UPDATED: 27 May 2014) DCA and Inmarsat release 'raw data' public; relatives of passengers list questions.

Hishamuddin: ACARS data from Rolls Royce Centre

[05.30pm local MYT, 13 March 2014] Official new briefing headed by Malaysia's Defence and acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, who first read out a statement, which included the following points:

- ACARS transmission: "The media reports of machine data being sent for four hours - after MH340 went offline - to Rolls Royce in Derby, UK, are not accurate. Rolls Royce received last transmission 01.07 am, 8 March 2014." c[ACARS refers to the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), which automatically collates and files four t3chnical reports during every flight so that engineers can spot problems.]
 - Four-day old China satellite imagery: Hishamuddin read out a statement by the China official that the satellite imagery :is not confirmed to be connected to MH340. The images do not show plane debris."

-  Radar raw data: Though this is not normally released by military for security reasons; this data has been shared with international partners including US and China.

- Police investigation into pilots: Despite reports to the contrary, Malaysian police have not searched the homes of the pilots.

- Malaysia's response to crisis: "This situation is unprecedented. MH370 went completely silent over the open ocean. We now have more than 80 ships and aircraft from multiple countries in a complex operation. Our focus has been only on finding the air craft. There are times when we have not been able to reveal information because such information needed to be verified by other agencies. Malaysia has nothing to hide and spared no expense or effort. From day one, we have accepted all international offers of help. We have followed all protocols for search."

Day Seven: Military radar, satellite 'blips'

[02.00pm local, Friday 14 March 2014]

Media reports (Bloomberg, WSJ) that three unnamed U.S. government officials said that a satellite transmitter on MH340 was active for about five hours, showing that the plane was operational after its transponder shut down about an hour after take off from KLIA. These satellite 'blips' have extended the search zone to include the Indian Ocean.

Sources familiar to the investivation told Reuters that MH370 was following a route between 'navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country's north-wesr coast. The last plot on the military radar tracking suggested the plane was flying towards the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said.'India's navy has sent five ships and four aircraft, according to a Bloomberg report, focusing on the Andaman Sea.

[0530pm local, 14 March 2014] At the SAR media briefing, minister Hishamuddin read out a statement, which included the following points:

- Engine data: Yesterday, we rejected a report that an unnamed person said the machine data from the engine indicated the craft could have been running for four hours beyond the point it went offline. We checked with Rolls Royce and they concur with this statement regarding the engine health monitoring data.

- Oil slicks: The slick 16 nautical miles south of the last point. Tiny traces of jet fuel were detected but these are not linked to MH370.

"This is not a normal investigation," he said. "We are looking further afield. We have worked hand in hand with all the relevant authorities including international experts and followed the protocol set up by the International civil aviation authortity. We want nothing more than to find the plane. Our focus remains on finding the aircraft and the black box."

During the question and answer session, on the matter of 'aircraft turn back', Hishamuddin said, "The chief of the Air Force said on Saturday, that  there was evidence of a turn back but the data could not be identified as belong to flight MH370.:

SAR director Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman added that they are working on getting the relevant messages from the satellite data from the US investigations. "The UK accident investigation board and Rolls Royce are also here in Malaysia and studing the possibility of satellite date. And we cannot reveal anything more until the data has been confirmed."

Under the international protocol, they categorised as 'missing aircraft.' The state of registration needs to make efforts to find the aircraft, he added,

"I cannot confirm that there is no hijacking - we are looking at all possibilities. We have to confirm the military radar and satellite data is linked to MH370," said Hishamuddin. "We are sharing information we normally do not share with international experts."


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