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Four ways to compete against Google in the wake of the FTC ruling

Tony Bradley | Jan. 8, 2013
The Federal Trade Commission has spent the past year investigating allegations that Google abused its power as the dominant search engine to block smaller rivals and promote its own sites and services. On Friday, the FTC announced that it would not pursue the action any further, nor will it impose any penalties on Google--and that's cause for concern for smaller companies trying to compete against Google.

3. Third, don't rely on search results. It's nice to be prominently featured at the top of relevant searches, but it's hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain--especially when the FTC gives Google a free pass to modify search results in the name of improving the search experience. Find more creative ways to market your product or service through social media, and other avenues like actually paying for Google Adwords, Twitter promoted tweets and such.

4. Most importantly, build a great product or service. Yes, when you're competing against a 400-pound gorilla like Google--and the gorilla controls the online search results--the challenge is more difficult. But, if you focus on search results and have a flaky product or service, you're dead anyway. However, if your emphasis is on the customer--and designing the very best product or service available--it will speak for itself and generate its own marketing.

Google is Google. It will rank highly in search results without any subterfuge by Google, and it's up to you to be more innovative in your approach to finding customers.


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