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Free Twitter for Malaysian prepaid customers: DiGi

AvantiKumar | Feb. 28, 2013
As 80% of mobile users in Malaysia are on prepaid, it makes sense to introduce free Twitter to complement other services, says Malaysian telco.

Praveen Rajan, the Head of Products - Internet & Services for DIGI

Photo - Praveen Rajan, the Head of Products - Internet & Services for DiGi.

A collaboration with Twitter allows Malaysian telco DiGi Telecommunications (DiGi) to offer free Twitter via the DiGi-Opera Mini browser to prepaid mobile customers, it said.

DiGi's head of products - Internet & Services, Praveen Rajan, said this latest feature complements the existing social proposition of the plan that offers 24-hour free calls and SMS for customers to interact with their Buddyz, among others.

"[It is] essential today for youths and the young at heart to always stay connected and share experiences at the exact moment something happens as well as receiving breaking news as it happens," said Rajan. "By offering free Twitter via Opera Mini, we aim to drive higher generation of content via Twitter, and subsequently, the mobile Internet adoption rate, by making it easy and convenient for customers to tweet about their interests and share their pivotal moments at zero cost."

"With more than 80 percent of mobile users in Malaysia being on prepaid, it makes sense to introduce free Twitter under our DiGi Easy Prepaid plan," he said. "It contributes towards creating greater awareness about the advantages of a mobile Internet lifestyle to people. We will continue to offer many more relevant mobile services in the future that will further enrich our customers' mobile experience."

In addition, Rajan cited The Oxford Internet Institute, which reported that Malaysia is the second largest Asian country to generate content via Twitter in 2012, and the sixth largest country in the world to do so.

"DiGi is using Opera Mini browser to make mobile Internet accessible to everyone, irrespective of which mobile device or platform used," he said. "Since DiGi first introduced the browser in May 2011, many have found it to be a more affordable, easier and faster way to access the Internet via their mobile phones. As of September 2011, DiGi's market share in terms of Opera Mini users has grown from 32 to 38 percent."


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