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Funny or Die's iSteve will tickle Apple fans

Dan Moren and Lex Friedman | April 18, 2013
It's hard to say why Funny or Die, a site best known for its short comedic videos, decided to make a full-length Steve Jobs biopic. But iSteve--the free, 79-minute humorous retelling of the Apple co-founder's life--is surprisingly amusing, provided you are both a fan of Apple and of stupid comedy, and presuming you also don't mind a little profanity sprinkled in for good measure.

When Jobs finally does claw his way back into Apple, he tells his assistant: "Get me a coffee, black. And a turtleneck, black."

Long's Jobs isn't a straight-up impression by any means. His take on the character is interesting in part because of the story's ridiculousness, but also because Long adds a surprising layer of vulnerability to the character. Long's Jobs isn't simply a genius, and he isn't just a jerk: He's a guy longing for love, and acceptance, and Bill Gates's wife.

Throughout, you may catch a number of choice Jobsean quotes, often from other characters in Jobs's vicinity, and often skewed in some way. But attentive Apple fans will pick up on references to many of Apple's ad campaigns, including a "cameo" of Long himself.

The movie doesn't dive into Jobs's illness, and does take time to include a virtual reality-based love scene, just so you know where its priorities lie. Fans of Apple's history and, say, the Will Ferrell oeuvre will likely not be disappointed by iSteve. And based on the clips we've seen from Ashton Kutcher's forthcoming Jobs, iSteve is at least one of the top two funniest Jobs-related films of the year--only the Funny or Die effort is intentionally so.


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