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Get two-factor authentication on the desktop with Authy

Ian Paul | May 22, 2014
One of the best security precautions you can take to protect your online accounts is to enable two-factor authentication on any service that supports it. This requires you to enter a short, one-time code to access your online accounts after you've entered your password.

If Facebook tells you the code worked, then you're all set for logging into Facebook using Authy on the desktop.

Most services that offer two-factor authentication support use a similar system to generate security codes, though the exact method will vary by service. Try digging in the security settings of other services first.

Be warned: Many online accounts don't like it when you use more than one authenticator method for two-factor authentication, so you may have to dump text/email authentication and start using Authy exclusively on your smartphone and PC if you want to use the service for all your accounts. (Authy can sync your two-factor authentication codes across its PC and smartphone apps to make things easier.)


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