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Getting forensics data off smartphones, tablets can be tough, experts say

Ellen Messmer | Oct. 15, 2012
Trying to get computer forensics data out of mobile smartphones and tablets in order to conduct investigations is hard

The Department of Homeland Security has recognized that there are insufficient tools for mobile-device forensics, and viaForensics picked up some funding toward that. The startup has open-sourced some technology and commercial products are coming out, such as a planned agent software for Android that could be used as a forensics tool.

Hoog says he's involved in several cases with businesses trying to get into mobile devices to find out about possible data theft, for example. The BYOD trend, in which employees uses their own mobile devices at work, is really complicating forensics work, he emphasizes. "You don't have ownership of that device," he says, and by allowing BYOD, the business may have "lost control. And you can't just grab control -- you need policies that include security and auditing of the device."


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