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Google Android feeling brain drain?

Jon Gold | Aug. 30, 2013
VP of Android mgmt. Hugo Barra headed from Google to Xiaomi – but why?

(H/T: Reuters)


Android geeks briefly erupted in flames this week at the news that well-known Android developer Koushik Dutta's AirCast app for the Chromecast video dongle had been prevented from working by an update. AirCast was designed to allow users to stream locally stored content from their devices to the TV, but an official update to Chromecast added a whitelist system, preventing users from using the device to stream content from non-approved sources.

Dutta's sonorously unhappy Google Plus post here has most of the details.

However, Google subsequently told The Verge that the software is still early in its development stages, and that "we're excited to bring more content to Chromecast and would like to support all types of apps, including those for local content." So that's probably that, then.


Like most people, I've been spending plenty of time lately thinking to myself "you know, I could really do with some more PR stunts involving Google Glass." Take heart, everyone! A surgeon at Ohio State University has performed an ACL repair operation while wearing the device, which streamed pictures to colleagues and students.

To be fair, that's one of the more useful PR stunts I've heard of recently. But I'm just worried about what happens when a doctor is out and about and accidentally switches back to the consultation app. It'd have to be a little off-putting to keep seeing gastrointestinal surgery when you're just trying to get directions to the nearest Starbucks.


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