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Google job board integrates with Google+

Ian Paul | Jan. 23, 2013
It's easier to connect with Google employees, get job posting updates via e-mail and use your Google+ information to fill out job applications.

On the left-hand side of the job search page, you have filters to narrow your search by location and specific teams inside Google. On the right-hand side, you will see people at Google you may know and a button to add them to your circles. And, according to Google Plus Daily, which first reported on the new Google+ integration, you will also see people who work at Google and are already in your circles.

If you apply for a job, your basic information including name, education and current job are automatically filled out for you, making the application process a little bit faster.

Google+ integration seems like a handy feature, but the idea of integrating social networking data into the job process still makes me a bit squeamish. Especially given how easy it is for online photos and other posts to leak out unintentionally. Not all social networks are created equal, however, and some are entirely appropriate for the professional world.

LinkedIn, of course, is designed for this exact situation. The professional social network has a similar feature to Google's that lets you apply for a job with just one click populating an application with data from your LinkedIn profile. The difference, however, is that LinkedIn is designed to be a social network that shows off your professional side. It lets you put your best foot forward by emphasizing your employment record and education, and puts less emphasis on your monthly heli-skiing trips with the college crew or your penchant for knitting cat sweaters.

Twitter could also work for jobs since the entire premise of the self-styled information network is to create a record of public posts. Google+ could perhaps fall into a similar category to Twitter since, in my experience, many people freely connect on Google+ with strangers who have shared interests. I wouldn't share family photos on Google+, for example, even with my private family circle. That's an activity I reserve for Facebook.

I guess it's too much to ask employers to refrain from seeking out our profiles on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to check up on their prospective hires. So it's up to us as individuals to make sure our more peculiar or embarrassing sides are well hidden from prying eyes by keeping our privacy settings up-to-date. Or maybe by not sharing so much of ourselves online in the first place.


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